PR – top tips for a downturn

Marketing has many elements to it but PR is by far the most efficient and cost effective in my view. Given the economic downturn PR can now come into its own, as marketing budgets are cut and the big advertising hoardings ignored.

PR is really about talking to everyone who is impacted by your organisation – positively, negatively or neutrally – customers, staff, local communities, campaign groups, suppliers — you get the picture.

To get started you need to think about what they want to know about you. What are their potential interests? Who are they, what might they want from you – what don’t they know they want but could be persuaded to need. What might they do for you if they felt you were running a good organisation.

Personally I love the Innocents brands

They consider their customers, the environment, their produce, suppliers and staff very carefully and they act in a responsible thoughtful way. Because they know that everything they do will be seen and will feed an impression that people will take away – an impression that will last a long time if they continue to nurture and care for it. That’s good PR and sadly no, they are not my client!!

Over the coming weeks, I will post tips and ideas on how to do your own PR for all budding Innocent company directors, charities and others who feel that PR might be for them. I lecture in PR on the CAM course for The Marketers’ Forum so have a nice bundle of information and ideas I can share with you.

If you would find this useful — let me know – and if you have any other thoughts do please reply!!


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