New account win E Compter – a sustainability solution for hotels.

June 2013ecompter
New account win E Compter – a sustainability solution for hotels.
Core Communications has been appointed the PR consultancy to E compter, a company that provides a very easy to use online solution that helps hotels share the actions and results of their sustainability efforts with their clients. Through an online CO2 calculator, guests can discover their carbon footprint for their stay at the hotel by inputting the number of nights’ stay, type of room and guests per room. The amount of CO2 used during their stay will be calculated and what this equates in every day life will be given such as making a number of cups of tea and also flying miles making it simple and fun to use.
Guests can also review an image of one of the hotel’s rooms – one they may stay in – and see how they can help to save energy in those rooms during their stay. They are invited to click on an icon on screen such as a light fitting, or shower and the system offers suggestions as to what the guest can do to help the hotel save up to 30% of its energy consumption and motivating guests to be environmentally caring during their stay.
Hotel energy management reports
In addition the system can produce quality reports on the hotel’s greenhouse gas emissions based on the Corporate and Accounting and Reporting standard of the Green House Gas Protocol (GHG Protocol) which is the most widely used international accounting method used to calculate and manage greenhouse gas emissions. These calculations are related to the accommodation operation of the hotel.

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