25 years since Nirvana exploded on scene in Seattle

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25 years since Nirvana exploded on scene in Seattle

It has been 25 years since Nirvana famously exploded on the international music scene with album ‘Nevermind’ putting Seattle and the Pacific Northwest at the epicentre of popular music culture.

Not only Kurt Cobain, but in fact many famous music icons and styles of music have emerged from Seattle. Just recently London celebrated the opening of the former apartment of another Seattle son, Jimi Hendrix, to the public. The Handel & Hendrix is at 23 Brook St http://handelhendrix.org/

A good start to any Seattle music tour is the EMP, a museum focusing on the history and exploration of popular music, science fiction and pop culture. Check out rare Nirvana artifacts and way more. Open daily next to the Space Needle. http://www.empsfm.org/

The Kurt Cobain Memorial

Viretta Park, in one of Seattle’s most elite neighbourhoods, is the site of the unofficial Kurt Cobain Memorial next to Corbain’s former residence at 171 Lake Washington East. It’s really just a simple park. But perhaps an unkempt, minimalistic park is fitting for the father of grunge music.

Pike Place Market

This market is home to the original Starbucks, and it’s also where a man named Artis the Spoonman used to perform by playing the spoons. The grunge band, Soundgarden, wrote a song about him called, “Spoonman”. http://pikeplacemarket.org/

The Showbox at the Market

See live music at this venue, which has been around since the late 1930s. Many grunge artists have played in this art-deco gem located near Pike Place Market. www.showboxpresents.com

London Bridge Studio

At this major recording studio bands such as Soundgarden, Blind Melon, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains have recorded albums. Take a tour to view the control room, live room, the lounge and overdub suites https://www.facebook.com/LonBridgeStudio

Crocodile Café – Key to the grunge movement in the 90’s, the Crocodile Cafe is located right on 2nd Avenue. Any band from Seattle has played here, yes, including Pearl Jam and Nirvana and more modern Seattle bands such as the Fleet Foxes and as well as The Strokes, Yoko Ono and REM in their earlier touring days. http://www.thecrocodile.com/

Bumbershoot – Plan a visit to Seattle in September and join the annual Bumershoot Festival which showcases fantastic local talent. http://www.bumbershoot.com/

Stalking Seattle Tour. Want to see Seattle’s music scene up close and personal? Join a Stalking Seattle tour http://stalkingseattletours.blogspot.co.uk/


Seattle benefits from multiple daily flights from the UK including non-stop service via British

Airways and Delta Air Lines and a one-stop service from Icelandair.


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Washington state is in the Pacific Northwest where Seattle crowns the state and regular cruises head to Alaska. Seattle is a city where art and nature meet and foodie’s fantasies come true.  The ocean backcloth is the Olympic Peninsula mountains and beautiful islands where whale watching and boating or kayaking experiences await.  Washington state has over 800 wineries offering tasting experiences, three national parks (Mt. Rainier/Olympic/North Cascades), mountain ranges and rainforests of bearded mossy, massive girthed trees. It’s a state of spectacular contrasts and great fly-drive holidays with a choice of direct non stop daily flights into Seattle’s SeaTac International airport with Delta or British Airways.





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