What we do

Our aim for each of our clients, is to create a dedicated team with the most perfect blend of marketing expertise, contacts and creativity possible. Together we inject new life, energy and ideas into your brand in the UK, Ireland and abroad through our associated business partners, raising awareness and increasing sales for our clients, whether they are destinations, tour operators, hotels, airlines or other services. We have a specialist knowledge of North American destinations, having worked with Quebec Tourism for over 10 years and with Utah Office of Tourism representing them in the UK for five years.We are now proudly representing Seattle and Washington state in the UK, working with the Port of Seattle.

We leverage your budget with compatible business partners, to secure broader product range in tour operators’ portfolios, to train travel agency staff to understand and sell your destination better, and all our work for you is underpinned by exceptional PR securing quality media coverage across all platforms – digital and traditional. Through high quality and extensive positive media coverage and promotions we encourage the consumer to choose YOU from an intensely competitive global marketplace.

For a chat about how we work and how we could help you please email info@corecommunications.co.uk